How to write a book review

Before you start writing a review, it is important to know what it is and what types exist. The reviewer is obliged to be able to competently express his thoughts, to observe impartiality when analyzing and criticizing the author’s text. It is important to be well-read and competent and be able to delve into the details and see the text from the inside.

What the book review is

It is a review and analysis of a book of an artistic or non-artistic genre. The review is intended to assess the work of the author, as well as to form a general impression of the work of the target audience.

There are following types of reviews:

  • Official. Publishers, famous personalities, large organizations, fraudsters, etc order official reviews. The more words of praise written in the abstract, the less interesting and boring the book will be.
  • Functional. It is written for the purpose of conducting a practical analysis of the work. Publishers order this review to evaluate how high the book will hit the readership. A reviewer is a person writing a review. In this case, he analyzes the book more than criticizes.
  • Informative review. Blogs and hematic sites write only such evaluating texts. About 100% of the information in online reviews is comparisons, metaphors, exaggerations and discussions.
  • Critical. This is a parsing of the text on the particles, a deep assessment of the work by the reviewer.


A good review is always divided into parts. Heard of the work is the title. The introductory paragraph consists of 2 or 3 sentences with informative content. Next comes the body of the article, that is the main part of the text. The conclusion of the review is a critical review of the book or publication being evaluated. The volume of the abstract, including analysis and evaluation of the article. It should be no less than 1 thousand characters; the maximum number is 6 thousand. If the volume is less than 1000 characters, then such a review will be incomplete, not sufficiently covering all the problems of artistic or non-artistic work.

How to start writing a thesis

The student should have an idea about what to write and what to pay special attention to. Knowing the key points are necessary before writing the final qualifying work. This will allow the author initially to move in the right direction.

A qualitative thesis should contain the main aspects of the topic, keywords, theses, and methods that will smoothly lead to the implementation of the practical part. It is best to consider precisely those postulates that the author will apply in subsequent chapters.


Choosing a suitable theme for the project is not easy. The success and quality of the graduation project directly depend on the topic.

Mentor Assistance

The best option when choosing a topic is to consult a diploma supervisor. He will tell you which of the topics is easier or more interesting. It is important to establish a relationship of trust that will make cooperation between the student and the curator fruitful. In this case, the student will be able to receive support and recommendations at any stage of writing a diploma.

The formulation of the goals and objectives of the work

After drawing up the plan, it is necessary to formulate the objective of the research and the main tasks correctly. This will allow us to start creating the skeleton of the final work and designate its main postulates.

Search for sources of information

After the plan is created, the goals and objectives are formulated, the student can begin to search for the necessary literature for writing a diploma project. Try to immediately read the material found to determine whether it is useful. This approach will initially sort out which sources are needed and which are not. You should mark necessary or important fragments in the text. This will further simplify the process of writing a thesis project. It is important that all resources be reliable, reasonable, and serve as a qualitative evidence-based basis.

After a total study of the topic and presentation of the text, it will be easier to reflect all the necessary information about the project. Good luck.

How to choose a service for ordering course work

Often the student does not have enough time to complete the course work independently. Therefore, he decides to seek help from specialized agencies and performers who are ready to solve this problem for a fee. How to protect yourself from fraudsters and order work cheap?

Read reviews

When searching for a qualified person, it is important to find out his reputation in student and academic circles. The reviews of real customers will allow assessing the abilities and capabilities of a person.

This approach will help to avoid unpleasant meetings with unscrupulous performers, scammers and choose a worthy performer.

Establish clear terms of cooperation

This postulate can reduce up to 30% of the cost, especially if the cost of the finished work does not include free adjustments.

It is important initially to set the goal correctly. Write what you need, what kind of work, topic, to what extent, what should be contained in it, etc.

You can request an approximate work plan to coordinate it with the teacher, and then provide the approved version to the performer. This will facilitate the process of interaction and writing coursework exactly as you need.

Do not rush to pay 100% of the work on demand

If you have just agreed with the author about writing a term paper, you have decided on the conditions, and he requires instant payment, then you should not rush. In most cases, scammers use this move. As soon as you transfer the entire amount of the order, they will no longer communicate with you. The best option is to work on a prepaid basis.

Protect yourself from changing job costs

You should draw up a service agreement. This document will indicate the main points of the transaction. It is important to provide options for changing the cost of work or specify a strictly fixed amount of services. Try to take into account all possible scenarios. This approach will save about 10% of the cost of work.

As you can see, it is not so hard to save your money. You just need to be smart.

How not to order a dissertation

Many people, while working on research, are faced with a lack of knowledge or time. They try to find an assistant or buy a ready-made project. Today, the market of finished scientific works is regularly updated with new organizations. There are companies that provide any services in this area. The main thing is to choose the right one. When ordering, it is not necessary to immediately pay 100% in advance. First, you need to draw up a contract, study, and sign it. An important rule is that there is no need to hurry anywhere. Haste is the way to make mistakes.

Basic principles when ordering work

To get started, you need to have motivation. This is very troublesome work, which can take up to half a year. To write a good job, you need to carefully examine the sources, surveys, conduct testing, experiments. Considering the fact that many applicants have combined scientific activities and work, it is difficult for them to find so much time. Therefore, some prefer to turn to professionals. Thesis to order is an excellent method to save time and effort. However, deciding on such a step, it is necessary to prepare everything properly:

  • Do not put it off until later;
  • Find a trusted company;
  • Conclude an agreement with them before making an advance payment;
  • Provide the necessary materials: topic, plan, recommendations, containing the requirements for writing and design.

What difficulties may arise in ordering work

Unfortunately, future scientists who want to order a turnkey job, often face scammers. For some companies, selling non-unique or low-quality dissertations is a common thing. Before ordering a writing study, it is better to find out more information about the company and read the reviews. It is advisable not to trust companies operating in markets for less than five years. They have a large percentage of unscrupulous authors. There is no need to pay in advance until the contract is concluded.

There are also good authors for whom such work is an honest income. They are responsible for the work. It is important to find out information about the author who will write the work. Read some of his works written earlier.

Features of master dissertation

The following structural elements should be present in the composition of the master’s thesis:


In this section, the author needs to show the relevance of the topic, set goals and objectives, identify the subject and object, mark the novelty of the project.

Theoretical part.

It involves the study of educational materials, works of scientists, scientific articles, dissertations, monographs and other sources. It is important that they are all reliable and reasonable.

Practical part.

Here the student will have to solve a number of practical tasks, as well as offer new ways to solve the problem.


Brief description of the research, description of the algorithm or method of achieving the goal, summing up.

Features of the master’s thesis

Master’s thesis involves a deep study of the main problem.

To do this, the author will have to study, up and down, from all possible angles, the main task, analyze all the components. It is important that the work should reflect not only the student’s skills in collecting, processing and systematizing the material but also student’s own point of view, general knowledge in the field in question.

The work should be considered a real problem that can be solved. A graduate must undergo an internship at the enterprise, obtain specific data, analyze it, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop an action plan.

The master’s thesis demonstrates the skills acquired by the student, his professional training, the ability to collect and analyze information, adapt to changing conditions and make decisions promptly.

Publication in scientific journals is optional. It is not necessary to publish it in scientific journals, collections, etc. It can remain available only within the university or a particular enterprise, which served as an object of study.

The master’s thesis deals with a narrow range of problems, a small number of issues covered under one topic.

The author does not have to reinvent the wheel. It is enough for him to study the theoretical aspects, analyze the specific situation and propose measures for its stabilization, improvement based on existing knowledge and existing methods.