Features of master dissertation

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The following structural elements should be present in the composition of the master’s thesis:


In this section, the author needs to show the relevance of the topic, set goals and objectives, identify the subject and object, mark the novelty of the project.

Theoretical part.

It involves the study of educational materials, works of scientists, scientific articles, dissertations, monographs and other sources. It is important that they are all reliable and reasonable.

Practical part.

Here the student will have to solve a number of practical tasks, as well as offer new ways to solve the problem.


Brief description of the research, description of the algorithm or method of achieving the goal, summing up.

Features of the master’s thesis

Master’s thesis involves a deep study of the main problem.

To do this, the author will have to study, up and down, from all possible angles, the main task, analyze all the components. It is important that the work should reflect not only the student’s skills in collecting, processing and systematizing the material but also student’s own point of view, general knowledge in the field in question.

The work should be considered a real problem that can be solved. A graduate must undergo an internship at the enterprise, obtain specific data, analyze it, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop an action plan.

The master’s thesis demonstrates the skills acquired by the student, his professional training, the ability to collect and analyze information, adapt to changing conditions and make decisions promptly.

Publication in scientific journals is optional. It is not necessary to publish it in scientific journals, collections, etc. It can remain available only within the university or a particular enterprise, which served as an object of study.

The master’s thesis deals with a narrow range of problems, a small number of issues covered under one topic.

The author does not have to reinvent the wheel. It is enough for him to study the theoretical aspects, analyze the specific situation and propose measures for its stabilization, improvement based on existing knowledge and existing methods.